Changes to HDB Flat subletting policy

2012-09-16 12.39.34HDB Flat Subletting Approval, effective 8 March 2013

This affects all tenancies dated 8 March 2013 onwards.

If the Tenant is Singapore Citizen (including Malaysians):

The maximum subletting period allowed is three years per application or as indicated in the approval letter, whichever is shorter.

If the Tenant is NON-Citizen (excluding Malaysians)

The period of subletting per application is 1.5 years or as indicated in the approval letter, whichever is shorter.

There has been a flurry of posts on forums like’s Eat Drink Man Woman that many SPRs who own HDB are subletting their HDB flats and are not living in Singapore anymore and treating the HDB flat as an investment. The verdict is still out, because some HDB property owners that are currently renting out their HDB flat (some with valid reasons, while other upgraders who rent out their HDB Flat for monetary reasons). Although there is no right or wrong in this matter, some those that are affected by this new ruling are crying foul and are upset that to close this loophole where SPRs who retain the HDB for the purpose of investment, or to prevent enclaves of foreigners in one particular block of HDB flats, they are affected.

We have yet to seek feedback from expats and foreigners who are affected by this new ruling. If you are one of those that is affected by this new ruling, we welcome feedback and response of your opinion about what you think about this new ruling and how it affects your choice of dwelling. Will this encourage you to seek citizenship or look for greener pastures? 

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