Emerging markets for Real Estate Investments

Without a doubt undervalued property (perceived or actual) is always a preferred choice of real estate investment for all savvy real estate investors. Emerging markets in developing countries have always been a lure for the savvy investor that is by no means risk averse, where sometimes information is not readily available except privy to the privileged and well connected.

According to the Association of Foreign Investors of Real Estate:

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Sadly, Singapore is neither emerging nor attractive to be placed in the Top Global Cities for Real estate investment. Perhaps its too small to be interesting.

Emerging Markets for Investment in 2011

Since 2009, when it was first ranked as an emerging market of interest, Brazil has held either the first (2009 and 2011) or second (2010) ranking. The trio of Brazil, China, and India dominate this ranking. Russia, which has been among the top five emerging markets in the last two years drops into tenth place.

  1. Brazil (#2, tied with India, in 2010)
  2. China (#1 in 2010)
  3. India (#2, tied with Brazil in 2010)
  4. Vietnam (unranked in 2010)
  5. Mexico (#4 in 2010)

Top Global Cities Rank for 2011

London, which held sway as one of investors’ top two cities every year since 2001, has been deposed into third place. Shanghai returns to fifth place after dropping into ninth place in 2009. Tokyo moves out of the top five into fourteenth position.

  1. New York (#3 in 2010)
  2. Washington, DC (#2 in 2010)
  3. London (#1 in 2010)
  4. Paris (#4 in 2010)
  5. Shanghai (#9 in 2010)

Top Countries Targeted for Real Estate Investment in 2011

Although historically, investment targeted to the U.S. earns a substantial margin over other countries, in this year’s survey it ranked nearly five times higher than second place U.K. In 2010, it ranked less than three times higher.

  1. US (#1 in 2010)
  2. UK (#2 in 2010)
  3. Germany (# 3 tied with France in 2010)
  4. China (#5 in 2010)
  5. France (#3 tied with Germany in 2010)

Countries Providing the Best Opportunity for Capital Appreciation in 2011

Consistent with other answers to this year’s survey, the U.S. claimed an historically disproportionate number of votes, more than six times than that for second place China.

  1. U.S. (#1 in 2010)
  2. China (#3 in 2010)
  3. U.K. (#2 in 2010)
  4. Brazil (#4 in 2010)
  5. Australia (unranked in 2010)

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