Former HDB CEO on HDB Prices

It may seem amateurish to think that just “going back to basics” is the way to solve the current issues? But I’m not academically qualified like Dr Liu to make such claims, but I think I am fairly close to the ground and feel the daily pulse of the property market. The major news channels have interviewed and quoted former HDB Chief  Liu Thai Ker as saying that we should go back to basics and make HDB affordable. I feel he is stating the obvious. If public housing is not to be affordable, then what should it be? I would expect gems of knowledge to be coming from someone as esteemed as Dr Liu, who was also former Chief Architect of HDB  and former chief planner at URA. He is quoted by the Today newspaper [read article here] that we should forget about “the bells and whistles”, I honestly think that new HDB flats don’t really come with bells and whistles at all. What HDB provides is truly quite basic, it doesn’t come with built in wardrobes, fancy doors or compressed marble flooring and timber wood floor boards. Its just a small apartment, with cheap ceramic floor tiles (poorly done if I might add). No fancy security systems for our lift lobbies and lifts either, so I hope Dr Liu can highlight where are the bells and whistles because I honestly can’t see any. In comparison to

I do agree that we should ensure that HDB is affordable, prices have gone out of hand in the resale market. But how do we correct this trend?

Sellers always want to sell high, buyers want to sell low.

If you live in a very popular town just at the fringe of the city, you will want to command a higher selling price, and there are buyers who are willing to pay for it, simple market forces determine this. Unless there is intervention, it will continue. Do share your thoughts with us on our Facebook page – visit us here

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