Real Estate Career

What’s so great about being a real estate professional?

Be your own boss.

Most real estate agents are independent business owners. They set their own work schedules, develop their client base, decide on their marketing methods and grow their business as their own. In local army speak – “own time own target”, is what many real estate agents have come to signify, but it is precisely it is our own time and our own target that does not limit our potential for greatness. Your business growth is all up to you. There are no limits for growth of your real estate business. Couple a good attitude with a superior work ethic and you can realize fantastic rewards. You’ll need to incorporate good business skills and develop effective marketing. It’s all in your hands.

We often find that that the following personality traits contribute markedly to a new real estate salesperson’s success potential.

  1. An ability to work without close supervision.
  2. A desire to learn and innovate.
  3. An ability to maintain a positive mental attitude, an optimistic attitude.
  4. An interest in meeting new clients and customers.
  5. A willingness to be comfortable at a high income level.
  6. An inherent drive to initiate action in a business environment.

Your business can be as large as you like. The real estate business offers huge potential for expansion from your “one person show” beginnings. As an agent, your income is controlled in large part by the time you invest. Grow your business by adding an assistant, or several. Or you can get your broker license and build a brokerage, sponsoring agents to leverage your potential.

Develop a plan to provide the “good life” later. If you decide to develop a brokerage business, it’s possible to structure it for sale at any point in the future. Using good business practices, the value of your brokerage business will grow and be a marketable retirement asset.

So keen to find out if the exciting world of real estate where big wigs like Donald Trump, Lee Kah Shing, and Robert Kiyosaki have made their millions and billions wheeling and dealing – real estate is one of the most exciting things and your career in this starts now.

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