How to Select Your Property Agency

There are many real estate agencies registered in Singapore, but only a few familiar names come to mind when you talk about Real Estate Agencies. Some big agency firms range from 1,500 agents to 4,500 agents, at Propnex we are the Largest Real Estate Agency in Singapore, while small firms could be made up of only 1 or 2 agents.

How do you select a property agency and how do you ensure that you have made the right choice at the beginning? Is it true that the bigger the real estate agency, the better it is? Or can a smaller agency be better for the development of an agent? There are pros and cons when it comes to size, and size does make a difference.  

Many new agents join a real estate agency because of someone that they know, or its a company that they are familiar with, but sometimes follow the wrong manager that is not able to lead them or support them and guide them to fly in this profession. So often these new agents join someone without making an informed choice in selecting the real estate agency. They are either ignorant or just act on the advise of their friends or relatives, which they come to regret later on.

Real estate agencies make money out of the agents they recruit.  Thus, you should understand that they hold the greatest responsibility of helping you and enlightening you to become a better agent, hence it is crucial that when you join, you are not just joining the company, but also a leader and mentor that can guide and lead.

In this profession, agents depend very much on themselves, but there is such a thing as TEAM WORK. With the right tools, training, guidance, and with team work, positive support from team members are the additional factors that can hep newbie agents succeed. Of course many of the expected requirements of the Real Estate Agency would have to be admin support, training, resources, and property projects – local and overseas. 

If you are contemplating a career in Real Estate, lets meet up for coffee, and discuss if you are right for this profession, no recruitment talk, just down right honest sharing. Contact me at 8288 4499


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