How to market your own property

Marketing your own property is not as simple as pasting a notice on the wall or at your local supermarket notice board. Its more an art than a science.

How do I reach the right potential buyers?

Today, people are moving farther and more frequently than they used to; it’s not unusual for upwardly mobile executives to relocate across the country more than once in a year. The result is that the pool of potential buyers for your house is much larger and spreads far wider than ever before, and the competition to reach them is fierce.

These developments make it more important than ever to choose the real estate company with the most sophisticated and savvy marketing techniques. Companies with much-visited Web sites, extensive available listings, web tools designed to help consumers buy and sell, and prominent, effective advertising and marketing materials are essential for identifying the right buyers and convincing them that yours is the house for them. The yard sign is just the beginning, but with a knowledgeable sales professional, your selling process can promptly reach a happy ending. Learn more about the ERA Commitment to Cutting-Edge Technology.

Advertising on an online property portal

Property owners aren’t able to get on some of the more popular property websites like or iproperty as they entail having a paid subscription for advertising. Many home buyers today turn to these two websites frequently to supplement their property search as opposed to shifting through the classified ads, as these property portals are more content rich with maps and pictures which help them formulate in their mind if they like what they see online, before making an appointment to view the property. ERA real estate also has our own internal multiple listing systems, where we work as a team, informing the rest of our colleagues at ERA real estate, what is available on offer, thus linking us with team members that have available and interested buyers with a simple click of a mouse.

How important is advertising?

Advertising remains an important component in the marketing process. Today, however, this means much more that an ad placed in the local newspaper. Today’s real estate brokers have the knowledge and resources to market your home through an array of proven modern methods, including TV, magazines, radio, the Internet and direct mail in addition to traditional print advertising. They are trained to determine where the pool of buyers for your particular property might most likely be found and from that, can best determine the type of advertising that is best for your property, very frequently it is a mixture of all the above.

If you list your property with us, your property can be advertised in more ways than just the classified ads or on free (and possibly unpopular) online portals that aren’t well known for property listings. We as ERA real estate professionals can place a photo listing advertisement in ERA Realty Guide magazine. These advertisements are designed to “find the buyer” with large-sized and easy to read layouts, eye-catching photographs and professionally written descriptions, plus the fact that they include not just one, but several properties for sale and rent, hence it is a well sought after publication by both buyers and sellers alike, so that they might be able to gather information about the property market as well seek out appropriate properties that suit their needs and tastes.

How does the inclusion of other houses benefit yours? the power of numbers, plain and simple. Fewer than 5% of buyers actually purchase the first house they call about. When they call to respond to an ad, they’re likely to be shown a number of houses similar to the one they initially express an interest in seeing.

Other innovative advertising methods offered only by ERA is through the ERA 24/7 Property Search (which is also available as an iPhone app) new applications are currently developed for the Android platform but has yet to be released for use as yet, the ERA Internet website and our own ERA Listing Network System.

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