The process of showmanship

A large part of selling is how you show or present the product – which in this case is a house, condo, HDB flat, office or shop-house. Many owners are confused about what they need to do to facilitate the sale. One way we ERA real estate professionals do is to have an Open House.

What should I expect from an open house?

The open house is another valuable part of the marketing process, offering prospective buyers the chance to view houses in a low-pressure, “browsing” atmosphere. With that in mind, you shouldn’t expect it to generate a sale, at least not directly. What you should look for is interest expressed and requests for private showings made to your sales professional in the days following the open house.

Open houses are always valuable. If many prospective buyers attend, it shows you that the property is attractive and saleable. If very few people show up, it can indicate that the price is too high, and cause you to look for ways to improve Curb appeal. Try not to draw your own conclusions – your sales professional will give you a full report on open–house activity and offer a professional assessment of its results.

Our team of  ERA sales professionals often hold an open house for other sales professionals shortly after a house is listed. This event, usually held mid-week when real estate people can give it their full attention, can be as important to your efforts as your listing in our ERA property MLS. The more professionals who see your house, the more prospects you’re likely to reach.

Should I try to avoid being at home when the house is shown?

You should definitely plan to be out of the house during any open house your sales professional has scheduled; the same goes for first showings to prospective buyers. People often feel uncomfortable speaking candidly and asking questions in front of current owners. You want them to feel as free as possible to picture your house as their “dream home.”

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